1. The President - monitors and coordinates the actions of the Wire and regional leaders. Helps to embody new ideas and projects. Responsible for achieving congress goals and leadership. Does not fulfill the duties of a member of the wire who does not fulfill his duties.

  2. The First Vice President - works closely with the president and helps to fully fulfill all the responsibilities of the president. In appointed or extraordinary moments, he takes over the responsibilities of the president. He follows the execution of the presidential mandate.

  3. Regional Manager (Vice President) - is responsible for the establishment of regional centers of SUSS and regional wires on the model of the Central Wire. Obligations of regional wires are indicated at the end of the document.

  4. Secretary - Maintaining records of all documents and archives. Writing the Day Procedure and Resolutions at conferences, meetings, etc. Cooperates closely with regional secretaries and maintains lists of members of regional organizations and individual members who live where there are no regional branches.

  5. Project Manager - Organization of all important events (Forum, Party, Congress, Fourth Report, Fund-Reiser, Kolyada). Works closely with regional branches and treasurer. Can be delegated to one or another region to help organizations with important projects.

  6. Treasurer - is responsible for financial accounting and reports on every Congress. Responsible for collecting membership fees from each region and individual members. Responsible for organizing all profitable events and finding new sources of funding. Collaborates and maintains links with financial, charitable and other institutions that can provide funding for the organization.

  7. Press-Head - creation and publication of materials of all SUSTS events. Responsible for receiving information from regional branches of any information. Conducts SUSTS pages in social networks and website. Develops advertising and PR.

  8. Head of External Relations (Ukr) - Responsible for maintaining and setting up friendly relations with all Ukrainian organizations. (UCCA, CYM, Plast, etc.). Conducts registration of all affiliates / clubs and establishes links with clubs where SUTS centers do not exist. Helps to create new Ukrainian clubs at different higher educational institutions.

  9. Head of External Relations (USA) - Responsible for setting up relationships with foreign organizations, the American government, and maintaining a good image of Ukrainian students among the international community. Responsible for creating a Ukrainian lobby in government institutions.


Obligations of the Regional Branches of SUSTA

  • Setting up and joining Ukrainian clubs to SUST in this region.

  • Involvement of new members of the region.

  • Execution of the orders of the Central wire.

  • Keep track of the members of the cell.

  • Collection of membership fees.

  • Collection of membership fees. To work with Ukrainian organizations in the region (UCCA, CYM, PLAST, etc.)

  • Create your own lobby in other organizations (UCCA, Credit Institutions, Government Agencies)

  • Conducting local events (Regional meetings / reports)

  • Conducting local events (Regional Meetings / Reports) Identify delegates for the annual congress.


***In addition to the board, there are various committees that are responsible for the elaborated important projects or are responsible for a particular niche in the organization.

  • Criminal Court - resolve any kind of internal conflicts.

  • Scholarship Committee - Decide and distribute funds to the SUSTA Foundation for Applicants

  • Resource Committee - develop various information resources and the necessary information about scholarships, student loans, exchange programs, work, internships, etc.