Our Partners

SUSTA actively cooperates and maintains links with other Ukrainian and non-Ukrainian organizations in the United States and around the world. We are developing mutually beneficial relationships with friendly organizations and helping each other develop in its own way.


The Center for Ukrainian Students in Canada, founded in 1953 in Winnipeg. Union of Ukrainian Canadian Students, which united about 30 student communities - at universities and colleges, as well as the Association of Ukrainian Orthodox Students "Alpha-Omega", the Association of Ukrainian Studying Youth named after. Michnowski, the Canadian Federation of Ukrainian Catholic Students' Societies "Obnov", the Association of Ukrainian Academic Societies "Zarevo" and the Ilarion Society.

The Union of Ukrainian Students of Canada unites the entire active youth community in Canada. The organization performs a similar function and sets itself the same as the SUSTA goal in Canada.


As the largest representation of the Ukrainian-American community, the UCCA is the main organization that brings together about 20 organizations and over 70 UCCA departments throughout the country. Elected by the Congress of Ukrainian Americans - The Regional Executive, on a voluntary basis, manages the activities of the UCCA, in cooperation with the National Council, consisting of representatives of member organizations and the largest departments of the UCCA. The UCCA County Registry is located in New York, and its Communications Bureau is the Ukrainian National Information Service (UNIS) in the capital of our state, Washington. The National Chancellery works and coordinates the work of more than 1,000 volunteers in the UCCA departments throughout the state. The work of the UCCA departments is directed by the local Department of the Department under voluntary conditions.


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The main goal of the organization is to represent the interests of Ukrainian students in Germany before the German, European public law bodies, public organizations and private enterprises in Germany and in front of the Ukrainian community. SUSN pays special attention to the dissemination of information about Ukraine both in German society as a whole and between students of German high schools Actually this is ensured by close cooperation with various organizations in Germany.





Association of Ukrainian Youth in Austria (TUMA) (germany: Gesellschaft ukrainischer Jugend in Österreich (GUJÖ)) The Ukrainian Youth Association in Austria is a public organization of Ukrainian youth and students from Ukraine who study and work in Austria with a center in Vienna. TUMA is an apolitical and non-confessional organization. The organization was founded on December 24, 2010 by young immigrants from Ukraine who studied and worked in Vienna. The purpose of the organization is to unite young Ukrainians around the idea of ​​supporting and helping young newcomers to integrate into Austrian society.






ODFFU (Organization for the Defense of Four Weapons of Ukraine) - aims at maximally uniting the Ukrainian Diaspora in the territory of America and acting in the interests of Ukraine and Ukrainians in the whole world in general. Their activity does not restrict itself exclusively to the political, but also includes cultural, educational, sports and many others.




VIDIA - Information Partner SUSTA. Founded in Chicago in 2011. Media portal of the Ukrainian diaspora in Chicago and the United States. Makes video material for Voice of America (Channel 5).




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Ukrainian Self-help Crediting in New York is the largest Ukrainian financial institution in the United States. For years, she served as the main philanthropist and foundation of our community, supporting various initiatives, events, churches and organizations.



Ukie Drive Radio Listen to us on air every Saturday from 4 to 5 and every Sunday from 1 to 4 pm (Chicago) on a 1330AM wave. On the territory of the USA we can listen to you by using a mobile phone, typing 1-916-231-0724. Listen to us at any corner of the world on-line at www.ukiedrive.net


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"Radio Home" is an Internet publication and web radio that positions itself as a public non-profit news and information social mass media. Based on the extremely unsatisfactory state policy in the media, discrimination of Ukrainian-language media products, lack of state support for meeting the socio-cultural, informational needs of Ukrainians abroad.

The creative team is a co-ordinated team of volunteer enthusiasts, creative people from the most remote corners of the world, who are actively and publicly acting to overcome these negative trends. Our goal is to become an open media platform for world Ukrainians, to talk about the life of the Ukrainian diaspora and to cover thematic news from Ukraine.




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Weekly edition "Time and Events". The result of many years of work of a large number of people: editors, journalists, photographers, correspondents, writers, proofreaders, designers, designers, both those who created this site and those who literally wrote and created this word for many years. The newspaper grew up, supported it, inhaled new strengths and ideas with it, infused fresh blood, did not let it get caught and lost, all those who did not allow her to become boring and gray, all who made her better and better. We have been with you since 1996.