SUSTA is a non-profit civic organization, but many of our activities and capabilities depend on funds and proper funding. We work with devotional devotion, but we need your help!

We are giving daily hours of our time working for the benefit of the community and Ukrainians. Only in the lump of our work, you can be sure to read our news and review our work. We look forward to your understanding and the Ukrainian heart!

Thank you!



Each full member of SUSTA has the opportunity to voluntarily pay a monthly membership fee of $ 4.00. Only $ 0.13 per day helps build the largest Ukrainian organization in the United States.

After receiving your membership fee, you will be granted a Membership Certificate.


Every six months, SUSTA creates a financial report, detailing how all the funds have been spent and which projects have been implemented. At the annual Congress, each member has the right to put forward their questions, suggestions and ideas on financial affairs of the SUSTA.

All funds are directed solely for the implementation of the programmatic principles of the SUSTA, methods determined by the Central Wire Organization.


Please click on the link by clicking on the "Donate" button and enter $ 4.00 and tick "Make This Recurring (Monthly)".